GigaWax Vaporizers – 1 Year Warranty

We stand by our products 100% and provide a Zero Cost* 1 year warranty on all G4:20-C™ and all EZ-Apply Coils™*.

* Zero Cost means we will replace your defective G4:20-C at no cost to you up to the third replaced unit.  After the third unit, a replacement fee of $20 to cover handling and $6 for shipping. *


* Canadian orders are not eligible for the Zero Cost warranty and must cover all shipping costs for replacements.

* Warranty is applicable to unused EZ-Apply Coils™. Please test coil first without essential oils/wax and make sure the coil glows hot red to ensure it is in working order.  If it arrives defective, please return it to us unused and we will replace it with a brand new one.  We cannot accept used coils.

* Warranty is valid for all G4:20-Cs purchased or gifted.  For purchased, we will cover all components and any unused G2 Coils for a year from the purchase date.  Proof of purchase is required.  For gifted, we will cover all components and any unused G2 Coils for a year from the initial replacement date.  Gifted G4:20-C's will be replaced at no cost up to the first replaced unit.  Proof of purchase is not required for gifted G4:20-Cs.

Email us at from the email address from which you placed your order. You will receive a reply within 24-48 hours to schedule a replacement. Once we receive the item you purchased, please allow 5-7 days for processing.

If purchased from one of our authorized retailers, please keep your receipt as proof of purchase, as it will be required for replacement at no cost.

We recommend you purchase directly from or an Authorized Retailer to ensure you receive a genuine GigaWax Vaporizer G4:20-C™ pen.

* Warranty on collaborated G4:20-C™ are valid while supplies last.  If no more of the collaborated G4:20-C™ Vaporizers are available, it will be replaced with a GigaWax Vaporizer branded G4:20-C™.  You may chose any color that is available.

* Warranty for Current Owners of G4:20-C™ will receive the Second Generation G4:20-C in any color that is available.

* Warranty applies to current and all consecutive G4:20-C™s.  Warrantied or purchased.

* Warranty replacement fee of $15 plus $6 shipping after the third unit has been replaced to cover handling.

* Warranty on Accessories applies to current and all consecutive accessories.  Warrantied or purchased.