Owners Manual

Tips & Tricks

1. Never hold down the button on the battery (A) with wax or essential oil on the coil without taking a puff. If you do, the vapor will escape through the ventilation holes in the battery.

2. Load with Base (C) (the chrome silver G4:20-C coil cover ring) on. We like to load ours with half inch worm dabs. Just make sure to leave room for airflow.  Avoid applying anything directly to the coil. Just drop your material in, the wax will splatter to the sides and gradually drip onto the coil for continuous hits. 

3. After repeated use you may have to clean the threads around the atomizer body (D), atomizer base (D), and the battery (A). Just use a paper towel and a few q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol and wipe until all the residue is gone. If you have problems unscrewing the top, press the button on the battery to heat it up and the wax around the treads will melt making it easier to unscrew.

4. When placing the G4:20-C™ in your pocket, press the button on the battery (A) 5 times to turn off. Press the button 5 times again to turn back on.

5. If airflow feels clogged, press the button on the battery to allow the pen to warm up while taking puffs.  After a few puff attempts you will feel a pop which means the airflow has opened back up.  The next puff will be a really nice one.

6. The G4:20-C™ will work while connected to the charger but this method should only be used when needed.

7. A fresh EZ-Apply Coil and a couple q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol will make your G4:20-C™ like new.


1. Unscrew Base (C). Base (C) should still have Coil Tube (D) and Tip (E) still together.

2. Place EZ-Apply Coil (B) onto the battery (A)

3. Screw on Base (C).  Use wax/dab tool to load from Base (C).  You can either apply directly to the coil or fill through the top of the Base (C).
* Only do step 3 if you have already dry tested the EZ-Apply Coil (B) on your fully assembled G4:20-C™ to make sure it works. Once wax or essential oil has been applied to the coil, your warranty is void on that part.

4. Press the button on the Battery (A) 5 times to turn on and 5 times to turn off.

5. Inhale and enjoy!

*See Alphabet Legend for G4:20-C™