We randomly place these cards into boxes as a gift to you from us as a special thank you for your support. If you find one that means you get whatever was listed on the card. It could be a pair of headphones (your choice $300 max), another G4:20-C™, a FREE Quartz Upgrade, a 5 Pack of EZ-Apply Coils™, a custom GigaWax Vaporizer Pendant made by GoodWoodNYC, or a GigaWax Vaporizers T-Shirt.

Claim Your Gift

1. All you need to do is email us at contact@gigawax.com from the email you placed the order with along with the code and let us know you received a G-Card with your G4:20-C™.  We will then verify the code on the card and ship your gift to you.

2. If you received your gift through our friends at StrainCentral, please create an account on www.gigawax.com and send us a message with the item listed on the card along with the verification code.

* For G-Cards with EZ-Apply Coil , the 5 pack will be included in your order.
* For G-Cards with Quartz, the quartz coil will be included in your order.