We are actively looking for DJ's, artists, producers, clothing lines, and boutique stores to work with.  We offer customizations to the packaging which would include your logo, your website, and a short message.  We only ask that we have a small spot for either our logo or website on the package. You will be able to choose any color G4:20-C™ that we have available.  Your logo will also be printed directly on the G4:20-C™.  See our product pages for examples.  We can make arragements to do it per unit or on a royalty basis.  We can also sell them for you through or ship them directly to you to sell at your performance venue, website or store.  All collaborated G4:20-C™ units will be covered by our 1 year warranty.  See warranty for details.

A special request for DJ's, Producers, and Artists:  Create or allow us to use an exclusive mix, remix, or song that we could feature on the site so our customers can hear your sound.

For music only collaborations, we provide a new platform to get your sound heard, play counts increased, and hopefully more likes and reposts.  To submit, please upload it to your account and email us at with the link.  The playlist image must look clean and professional. 

We will feature it on which will be playable by all visitors to  We will also send you a G4:20-C™ and GigaWax Vaporizers promotional material as a gift.

Mixes and remixes must abide by the current copright laws of the United States of America.

Please hit us up at for more information.