Q: How long do your coils last?

A: Depending on use but the longest reported by our customers is six months. Quartz EZ-Apply Coils come standard on the G4:20-C.

Q: What about dual coils?

A: Why pay extra for two when you only need one. The two coil design is also flawed.  Any material that doesn't vaporize will drip inbetween the two coils into the airflow chamber.

Q: Whats the story behind the GigaWax Music Foundation?

A: I didn't have much growing up.  I grew up in the small town of Justin, TX.  I've always had a love and passion for music but my parents could not afford to pay for the instruments I wanted.  In my music class I was given a recorder flute and let me tell you, I played the heck out of it.  During a concert, I wasn't allowed to play because my grades in other classes weren't good enough.  I guess my mind was too focused on music at the time.  But being me, I went ahead and played my recorder halfway sitting and halfway standing so my teacher could not see me.  That experience is what motivates me to get musical instruments into the hands of kids who cannot afford them.  If I had that opportunity there's no telling where it would have taken me.

Q: What were you doing prior to GigaWax Vaporizers?

A: I've been a Software Engineer for over ten years and I still enjoy coding from time to time.

Q: Were you high when you created the G4:20-C and www.gigawax.com?

A: Of course! Highest I've ever been during that time. That's when my creativity is at its finest.