GigaWax – About Us

We started off as a music remixing service now we have our own line of dab pens.

Thanks for all the love and support throughout the years and we hope you enjoy our pens as much as we do!

Stay positive and be amazing!


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MassRoots Blog: The Musicians Dab Pen

Cannabis and music go hand in hand, from jazz musicians smoking joints outside the club, to the references and connections found in rap music and the culture surrounding it. Some artists focus their material around the various forms of marijuana and use the high to spark creativity. Gigawax is a company that got its start in music and has since created the ultimate discreet vaporizer for cannabis extracts. Their drive to improve their product goes along with their desire to give back to communities like the creation of the GigaWax Music Foundation whos goal is to getting instruments to kids who can't afford them. (Read more here.)


The Stoners Cookbook: Check Out the New GigaWax G4:20-C

Good Vibes with this new G4:20-C GigaWax concentrate vaporizer pen. We take a closer look at this exciting product and put it through its paces.

"The G4 pen is no larger than an ink pen and comes in a variety of colors. This is one of the slimmest vaporizer pens out there, conceals easily, and boast a powerful inner melting coil for all concentrates."

"We really enjoyed this product, giving it a double thumbs up as one of the better electronic vapor pens. A great deal in an easy to maintain design, awesome small coil system for burning all types of extracts, sweet colors, the sleek packaging and extra features, all in a quick responsive device, its travel-ready ability, and most importantly its easy concealment for anytime anywhere on-the-go use."

"We highly recommended this one for its incredible multicolored and sleek design, as well as its travel-friendly packaging and easy to dab accessibility. " (Read more here.)